I am pleased to announce my candidacy for City of Highland City Council. My family moved to Highland in 2000 from Santa Ana, CA.  I became interested in local politics during a political struggle over the ownership of our water in 2004. I observed how the political process works, such as city council, planning commission, budgets, taxes and zoning. I became informed about petitions, initiatives and referendums and what a valuable tool they are for citizens. I learned from many incredible leaders in our community.

Service makes a community function and thrive.  I have been a den mother, Brownie leader, PTA volunteer and School Community Council Chair. Recently, I have become a Utah Water Watch volunteer in AF canyon, and a member of the State of Utah Courtroom Observation Program. I have served on the Highland City Arts Council, and the 2007 History Committee which produced  “Highland City 1875-2007: a brief history.

Representation through reciprocal communication is the most important function of government. I will utilize every tool available to ensure issues are communicated to the most people possible and that all views are heard. I will implement data driven analysis to determine developmental impacts to our community.profile-cpc