I am Elisabeth Luntz and I am running for House District 27.  I am running because I am concerned we are not well represented at the Utah State House. One thing that happened last legislative session, that has become emblematic of state politics, was that a private, profitable nuclear waste handler was the single largest contributor to campaigns up at the capitol. To no one’s surprise, they received a $1.7 million yearly reduction in State fees.  Tax breaks and other incentives can be great, but, why is our elected representative accepting campaign contributions and co-sponsoring this beneficial legislation for a private, profitable Salt Lake company when we are struggling to address our priorities?

Moving the prison is also a situation for concern, where the bidding process was not transparent and the costs are already up to $100 million over budget, with construction costs skyrocketing. The new prison will also have fewer beds than the current one in Draper, Salt Lake County. Our representatives never publicly demonstrated our expected return on investment or how that will be distributed among statewide taxpayers.

I am a Journalist, and I look at the relationship of money and politics very closely. I do contract work focusing on Utah politics, the environment and criminal justice. I was recently awarded first place for magazine news by the Society for Professional Journalists. I went to college at University of California, Irvine.

What I observe happening is that the State has an economic agenda for us. Public opinion weighs very little into it. Unfortunately, our elected officials often go and work for the State, rather than addressing the concerns within our district. Pet projects, like the Constitutionally questionable inland port, are ultimately funded by cutting necessities and the sale of our public lands, Utah Lake being a current target.

My political platform is based on public opinion. Year after year, Utahns reliably respond with our top governmental priorities.  These priorities are Education, cheaper Healthcare, Clean Air, Clean Water, Transparency in Government, and getting Big Money OUT of Politics. Moving into our future, population growth impacts and how we manage our lands will be the most relevant issues to our quality of life.

I am knocking on 5000 doors in our district this campaign season and I hope to catch you at home so we can talk about what matters to YOU in good representative governance.

Please reach me by email or stop by my Facebook page listed at this site. Go here for a complete list of candidate financial disclosures to see who funds these campaigns https://disclosures.utah.gov/Search/PublicSearch and go here to donate to my campaign: https://www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/385159/elisabeth-r-luntz